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MyTripleBest Reward Program

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Introducing the New Reward Program

3 Easy Ways to Earn Reward Points 

200 Points:

For signing up an account at , Triple Best credits you for 200 points ($2.00). 

10 Points for Every $1 Spent:

For all your purchases through your mytriplebest account, we gladly honor 10 points for each dollar that you spent. 

500 Points:

As a referral bonus, you can earn 500 points ($5.00) for every friend that you invite, who signs up for an account at and also meets the requirement of making a minimum purchase of $1.  

We are also pleased to offer your friend, the referee, with a 10% off coupon code, which can be applied towards future purchase. 

( There is no limit to the number of friends that you can refer.)

More Points

Every time the referee make a purchase at , the referrer will earn 5% credits of the total amount that referee purchases at our website.


Sam introduces Jason to sign up a new account @ , Sam gets a $5 back to his account and Jason gets a 10% off coupon through this referral action. Jason makes a $200 purchase on and he only pays $180, on the other hand, Sam gets $9.00 to his account.


Rewards Redemption

Accumulated points can be applied towards your purchase at checkout. You can choose to redeem your points according to the points redemption schedule below. 


$5 Discount 500 Points
$10 Discount
1,000 Points
$25 Discount
2,500 Points


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